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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>ThatGuy</b></div><div>Jaros - Agreed

Brannstrom - His A+ skill is 100% there, but he hasn't really shown me that he's ready for the NHL this year. Chabot at his age was sent down to the minors for a final tuning. (Low key think Lajoie is having myself a camp).

And for the goalie. What is more valuable? Playing 30 games in the AHL or playing 60 games in the East Coast? I think it's fine if Daccord starts his career in the Brampton until Andy is traded away or Retires.</div></div>

I think they want Hainsey to spend as much time with Brannstrom as possible this season, and that's hard to do if he's in Belleville. If Brannstrom is Chabot's partner of the future, there's nobody better to teach him to play his off side than Hainsey. Lajoie was good in Newfoundland. He played a bizarrely physical game that I wasn't expecting from him. I don't think he should play in the NHL, definitely not over Brannstrom.

I'd definitely rather Daccord get backup usage in the AHL than being in the ECHL.

First of all, there's no guarantee that Daccord would even get to be a starter. It's not the same as with Belleville, where the Sens organization directly controls everything. Brampton is it's own organization, they just have a contract with Ottawa. Brampton is a terrible place for goalies to develop. They always have way too many goalies. They'll have their own backup and Starter, then they'll have guys from Ottawa AND Montreal who aren't in the AHL, then a couple of other guys just because.

In Hogberg's first season in North America there were like six goalies in a regular rotation, and none of them played more than 20 games. It's awful because then your prospect is losing games to guys in the MTL system.