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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Ajp_18</b></div><div>Two big problems is can see and I don’t know what your thoughts on these are but.

1) why only Murray for one year??? I think he’s just starting to find his game and a 3.5 for 3 years means he’s still an RFA after it and we can see what he is or isn’t.
2) adding Bennett would help out the top 6 forwards but if he has a big year that’s another big contract next year, meaning having it sign Bennett, Bobrovsky, Murray, Panarin, Werenski and others. With the all the money tied up on the back end (16.35 without resigning Werenski or Murray). Who ends up walking.... plus having PLD, Bjorkstrand and Anderson the year after.

I think its fair, I don’t see it working for us cap wise after next year.</div></div>

Murray is likely going to be a cap casualty when it comes to signing back our guys. Jarmo is not going to give him a multi year deal until he knows for certain that Gavrikov is not coming over next summer. I truly believe Gavrikov will be here next summer, and if that is the case then there would be no place for Murray. Plus, Murray will have one more year of RFA status so Jarmo will still be able to get value out of him especially if Murray has a big year. As far as Bennett, if he does have a good year then it does bring his value up but not to a point where he is unaffordable. Also have to remember that both Dubinsky and Foligno will have M-NTC clauses and will be able to be dealt if space really gets tight. On a side note, I think the Jackets are not going to sign back Bob. With Bob being on the wrong side of 30, he is looking for term and I just don’t see Jarmo giving that kind of extension. Plus, with Korpisalo here and Merzlikens possibly on the way, I think Jarmo will pocket the money a disperse it elsewhere.
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